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The Last Matriarch: Day of the Robin. About 100 years after the emancipation of slaves, life in the south was charming and segregated. This story is set in High Point, North Carolina. Jonnie Mae Dixon, the matriarch in the Black community, role was to maintain order and facilitate the cultivation of the children. Her daughter, Sylvia, wanted to know what started the bootleg war in the fifties. This is the story she was told. BUY ON AMAZON.

The Last Matriarch: Bob White. It brings an unpredictable mix of charming southern life, the ominous criminal’s underworld, and the tumultuous life of a politician together in one explosive read. This story is the sequel to Day of the Robin. BUY ON AMAZON.

The Fishbowl. Welcome to the nifty fifties. Men like Jason Wainwright return from the war with mental scars. He lands a good job at a bank but in order to keep his job, he must land lucrative contracts. In the meantime six malefactors rob a bank to cover their bosses legal fees in Washington D.C. They never considered the inevitable, nothing can escape the fishbowl. BUY ON AMAZON.